When the first satellite passes through the atmosphere, we believe we shall conquer the universe someday. Now I realized, humans are solely extending the boundaries of the earth left the kaleidoscopic world behind.


Have you ever thought that the mourning sea in front of you has lost its warmth?

We are struggling in the shallow waters when tides over the shore. We are stranded on the sandbank when waves recede.

Every single star shall rejoice and lament.

Our destination is on a planet that is tidally locked. Creatures are rarely seen as polar nights and polar days coexist, but a highly advanced civilization exists and remains untouched by any foreign invaders. At this age of discovery, the land would either be crowded with ventures for marketing trading or turned into a deserted battlefield. Fortunately, the situation here is different.

No one would like to settle down on a planet as such, including humans who are satisfied with life on the earth. The planet was abandoned long before the Act on Forbid Unauthorized Landing and Commercial Activity within the Planet Territory comes into effect. This is true, the recession discourages our enthusiasm in exploring unknown terrain, except for some of us... those who seek out the truth.

"Go through the storm, transcend eternity. Dear traveler, enjoy your journey. "
Established in 2021, Nous Wave Studio is an emerging game development studio under HYPERGRYPH dedicated to creating top-notch 3D video games. Our primary line of business encompasses the provision of services pertaining to the design, maintenance, and updating of computer software and systems. Our team of vibrant individuals work diligently to provide exceptional, memorable gaming experience by delivering well-crafted 3D titles. We aim to immerse players in a convincing game world with stunning visuals and innovative gameplay.
Ex Astris, the first Premium game presented by Hypergryph, reveals an exploration of episodic narrative and 3D RPG gameplay.
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